We all love something DIFFERENT and NEW... right?


Fashion confidence can be hard to come by.

Here's a great example:

MUSICALLY: When Cardi B stepped onto the scene, we absolutely adored her because she was different, she's the underdog (now look at her..... OOOwwwwww!!), she's beautiful, she keeps it real, she's comical, her insecurities are worn with a smile and very smart. When she came onto the scene, she was that something new that is better than what we've had before!!

COMMERCIALS: Do you how times while watching television, someone would shout "new and improved!", that got my attention QUICK!! We love the new and improved. We love having something new!!

KINGSHE IS THAT SOMETHING DIFFERENT, KINGSHE IS THAT SOMETHING NEW! Google a company that has cosmetics, art, and custom-made apparel.... came up with nothing right?? KingShe is the 1st to do it; we are making history.

APPAREL: Do you know how good it feels to be walking down the street, minding your own business and all of sudden, someone or people stop you and say “Oh my God!!! Where did you get that jacket (jeans/ coat, etc.) from? You look amazing!!”. Do you have any idea how that makes someone feel inside?" I cannot tell you how many times I've created something new, walked down the street with it, and has been stopped by numerous people, it's a great feeling. Not only are you happy, but your clothes are happy too!

What you wear is a message to others and to yourself about who you are. And what message does KingShe professional makeup and apparel say?

Check this out:

1. You have a “high-class” attitude

2. eye-catching

3. confidence

4. you feel GREAT about yourself

5. you are cared for

6. you love you! {you better lol!}

7. Daring and adventurous

8. No discrimination!

9. bright

10. different

11. great persona

12. thrive


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