SITSMI painting
SITSMI painting
SITSMI painting

SITSMI painting

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SITSMI is an acronym for Stop Ignoring The Signs! Mirror Image

size 38x48

This is slightly metacognitive; it’s the mirror effect, basically treating people the way they treat you.

Others are chasing, having flowers delivered although they live in another city💐💻 (damn!) damn near about to give their left arm to be with you, they wanna show you off as a trophy, although who you’re BLINDLY👩‍🦯focused on what makes you feel like you’re not important enough to remember, you hear the words, there’s no action behind it 🥱.

You’re stunning, you stop traffic🚦, smart🧠, incredible, a walking diamond💎, you’re nicknamed a superhero, you GET it, courageous, you multi-task, you do it all with no help, and you’re so admired..... and you’re sitting there wondering IS IT YOU🤔 hell naw it ain’t, DON’T BE A FOOL SWEETIE!

In the words of @mslefteyelopes ....Erase, Replace, Embrace, New Face... (🎼🎤song: Switch by TLC). Unf*ck yourself, love yourself harder, DATE WHO APPRECIATES (I dig how that rhymes, I should’ve been a rapper😅😄😂), and choose actions over words🖌🎨 Time is too precious to not shift your energy. He’s fine but you FOINE too so wtf, where’s the lie🤥(no typo😂😂🤣)

You’re welcome sis🥰